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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 27, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> i am feeling smurfy. >> there you go. >> right to the forecast, nothing blue ability this forecast, all on -- about this forecast. all oranges and reds once again back into the 90s a good 90 as humidity will be in check. a lot of sunshine currently 81 degrees, regan national overnight low back to mid-to upper 70s not comfortable here in the city, off to the north is west 60s overnight, 75 frederick, 73 winchester, off to the south, currently 81 degrees. looking at the satellite radar i don't have much to show you look how quiet that is, lots of clear skies across the mid- atlantic. chicago, thunderstorm activity our next chance for real rain won't arrive until saturday night we will be high and dry here next couple days pronounced warming trend. sunshine low humidity, high temperature 91 degrees. more details forecast, again, near 100 friday, details for
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you in a couple minutes back to you. new this morning, a formal step in saying farewell to the georgia avenue location of walter reed right now top commanders are talking to the press about the closing. the army medical center's colors will be cased during a formal ceremony just under an hour from now the flag of the unit will be taken down and put into a protective covering marking the inactivation of the center walter reed is being realigned to form the medical center in bethesda and the hospital in virginia. turning to the latest on the debate over raising the debt ceiling back to the drawing board once again on capitol hill, a vote to end the debt crisis put off until tomorrow, because fox's doug luzader explains from capitol hill the votes were not there. >> a vote in the house has been pushed back another day because republicans just got some bad
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news. >> house republicans walked out of a closed door meeting trying to figure out what comes next. >> i just can't support it. >> didn't get the savings we had anticipated, so we are going back adjusting it finding some more cuts to get the numbers to come out right. >> the problem is debt plan put forward by john boehner falls short it does raise the nations debt ceiling to avert next week's deadline but turns out his deficit cuts are more than $300 billion less than advertised it will now be reworked. even if it passes, the president is promising a veto. >> we are beyond that discussion because that bill will not and could no pass the senate, so it won't get to his desk in the oval office, so the question of veto or not veto is really beside the point. >> so with the gulf widening between democrats and president on one side speaker and republicans on the other it is not clear what comes next.
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i will take down your comments. >> both white house and capitol hill switch boards were jammed after the president urged voters to call many seemed disgusted with both sides. >> with house republicans rewriting their plan we are not likely to see a vote until thursday. in washington doug luzader fox news. >> capitol hill, senators slam airlines for raising fares, faa partially shut down last saturday because they failed to authorize funding so the airline tree hiked prices to -- airline industry hiked prices to reap the benefits. second time in less than two months democratic congressman is stepping down in the wake of a sex scandal, oregon representative, david wu accused of having an unwanted sexual encount we are the teenage daughter of a friend
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last year. citing the well being of his children wu said in a statement he will resign upon the resolution of the debt ceiling crisis a criminal complaint has not been filed against wu. in maryland a police officer due in court for a bond hearing he is facing attempted murder and sex charges, investigators say the mount rainier officer, gillette, lured the victim john hall to his home earlier this month with the promise he was going to be in a porn video but when hall arrived there were no girls. he said the officer demanded sexual favours and when hall refused gillette fired several shots at him he told police he shot a carjacking suspect at his house but the story didn't add up. >> we pretty much knew the outcome the way it came out, what it was going to be after john was able to speak he told us the story and the truth came out.
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>> the victim was in the hospital with serious gunshot wounds for about two weeks, if convicted gillette could face up to life in prison. as the search for a serial slasher continues in northern virginia, this morning we have security camera images police want you to see fox 5 caught up with an expert who things there is more to worry about. audrey barnes is live at tyson's corner mall where one attack took place good morning. >> reporter: good morning alison. five attacks against five different woman in the last five months dating back to february the attack here at tyson's corner happened at h&m mid-june the most recent was yesterday at fair oaks mall. fairfax county police released surveillance tape of the suspect, who destructs women then stabs them in the buttocks with a knife or box cutter they say there could be additional victims who just have not come forward yet criminal profiler pat brown reviewed details of the case giving a chilling prediction she believes this
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suspect will strike again and his crimes will become more dangerous. first they have a thing called sneak and stand they just get close to you and do something where they go up and start touching you or rubbing against you to move on to the point where they take a weapon and slice someone he is moving into dangerous territory he wants to hurt a woman torture her and the next step will be rape. >> that is why fairfax county police want you the look at that video if you know that suspect, please come forward and help them catch him employees and shoppers have been put on alert. alison back to you in studio. >> thank you so much. a 16-year-old girl now charged with kidnapping a baby from baltimore, she was watching 7 month old keon birch friday night while his dad went to buy significant reals when the dad returned boozer and -- buy cigarettes when the dad
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returned boozer and the baby were gone the baby was not hurt and reunited with his mom she is being charged as an adult. back to work for the ing ca tomorrow first practice friday according to multiple sources moss and the skins have reached an agreement moss is the first of the red skins free agents to stay in house he agreed to a 3 year $15 million deal including a $5 million signing bonus according to espn the deal will be officially announced later in the week. now there are also several reports the vikings and red skins are very close the finalizing a deal that would send mcnabb to minnesota. one of the issues with mcnabb is working out a restructured contract the vikings cannot make a deal with the red skins if they don't have a deal with mcnabb first. >> while mcnabb almost is surely gone albert haines worth
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could be around this season hard the believe mike shanahan says they are not going to give him away defensive lineman and the d could stand for distraction, haines worth is still under contract with the skinpaid almost $35 million for 20 games of work, he is scheduled to make $5.4 million this season suspended for the final four games of last season for conduct detrimental to the club. trying to wrap my mind around those numbers. one year to go until the 2012 olympics in london british and canadian embassies are hosting a ceremonial torch relay run. it takes off in a few minutes from the embassy at canada and wraps up at the british embassy. >> hearing from people around the region about their mortgage problems this morning coming up we will be joined by maryland's secretary of housing and community development to talk more about the problem and how
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an alarming racial divide when it comes to personal wealth a new analysis of census data shows the wealth gaps between whiteminorities have grown to their largest levels in 25 years, whites have on average 20 times the net worth of blacks and 18 times that of hispanics that far exceeds the ratio of 7-1. for predominantly younger minorities their main asset is their home older
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whites have more likely -- are more likely to have stock funds, iras. and 401 k accounts sarah. >> al season we are hearing from people around the region about their mortgage problems this morning fox 5 mortgage phone bank will stay open until 10:00 a.m. this morning, about 45 minutes from now there is still time to get a call in and questions answered, we are talk being the secretary of housing and community development raymond skinner thanks for coming in. >> thank you sarah and fox 5 for hosting us this morning. >> absolutely i know there are a lot of calls coming in throughout the morning give us an idea how big of a problem this is delinquency rate and foreclosure rates here in our area alone. >> yeah, this foreclosures continue to be a major problem, and this started back 2007, initially it was primarily due to bad mortgages, subprime mortgages other types of exotic mortgages over the years what
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we are seeing more and more now is that people are going into foreclosure because they have lost employment, you know the unemployment rate is fairly high and people for other reasons have lost income including medical emergencies, now we have a program to help with that, previously we did not, they started a new program emergency mortgage assistance program. >> i know there is a hud program something separate from this, explain what the emergency program is. >> it is a hud program, the hud program covers 27 states, but in maryland we are table to operate the program, a little separate from hud and hud is operating in virginia and dc the program we are operating in maryland, is really designed to
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assist people who are facing foreclosure because they are unemployed, under employed they have lost income or had a medical emergency which caused them to lose income and the way the program works is this is financial assistance where we can help them to catch up on arrears often times by the time you get to foreclosure you may be three, four months behind in your mortgage we can help the homeowner catch up on arrears and pay a portion of their mortgage until they get back on their feet. >> there is a whole screening process people have to go through as well. >> basic eligibility criteria you have to be at least three months behind, secondly you have to have received a foreclosure notice from your lender and also, income requirement the income requirement the basic requirement is that you can't make more than 120% of the area wide median income for the dc area, it also goes by household
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size for dc area for a four person household the income limit is about $125,000. >> now how long do people have, to get in their application this isn't something that can go on a long time. >> one reason we are trying to promote this this morning there is a deadline we have to commit the money under the hud program by september 30th we are urging people to call the number, on your screen, this morning, or after 8:00 p.m. tonight call our hope hotline number 1-877-462-7555. >> now, at what point does some body feel they need to call? when are you considered to be in trouble? one month after you realize i just couldn't make the payment? >> yeah, i would encourage people the call even before they get behind if they know they are going to have a problem coming up or if they are experiencing a medical situation for example where they know they are going to
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lose income for awhile and not be able to pay they need to contact their servicer immediately i would always encourage people to call their servicer if they know they are going to be in trouble. >> i know that you are with the maryland housing department but there are people that are going to be calling as well from dc and virginia, are you payable to kind of at least steer them in the right direction? are programs for those folks as well? >> absolutely, the hud program does cover virginia and the district of columbia if you call the number this morning, the people that answer the phone can refer you to the program in dc or virginia. >> okay. raymond skinner with maryland housing and community development thanks for coming in. >> again i want to thank fox 5 for hosting us this morning. >> our pleasure thank you sir. alison to you. >> u.s. postal service could soon make big changes more than 3600 post officers may be forced to close their doors.
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32 of them right here in the dc region mail volume dropped off 20% in the last four years post office is expected to lose more than $8 billion this year. i am not even surprised. >> you can do a lot of your postal stuff online. >> people are going online doing things more efficient. just one of those things that are inevitable. >> closing the offices could save the postal service $200 million a year some of them will be replaced by a loan clerk, in a library or town hall. state department has issued a new travel warning we will tell you why there are concerns and areas they mention as potential danger. >> holly is learning to do some of that home renovation herself. holly good morning. >> good morning alison. in fact, i am learning guess what, no boys allowed.
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except for doug because he is the one teaching me how to do it and giving us an example of the do it herself workshop available at home depot we are live in hyattsville, coming up we are transforming it into a closet we are talking about closet design and installation live later. okay doug. it needs to be bigger if it is mine. >> and she is not joking doug. >> first another look at today's trivia question british union jack can be found in the flag of which u.s. state? connecticut, hawaii, massachusetts, or delaware. the answer coming up in just a bit if you take a look at our facebook page keep it here back after the break 19 after 9:00 a.m. 
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following developments in
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afghanistan where the mayor of kandahar was assassinated overnight the suicide bomber killed the mayor at a meeting of tribal leaders in his office the bomber hid the explosive in his turban tribal elders is usually not searched and searching turbans is considered disrespectful. >> state department issued a new travel warning lingering anger of osama bin laden, there is still a risk of anti american violence worldwide americans are urged to take extra precautions when travelling overseas, the department fears terrorists might be planning reprisele attacks in europe, asia, africa and middle east. leavy rain and -- heavy rain and flooding in south korea, the worst in 100 years 32 are dead dozens missing rescue crews trying to save
9:24 am
people, trains triggered multiple land slides across the country, one killed 10 students the land slides flooded hundreds of homes and blocked roads. 6-year-old girl attacked bay shark says she forgives the shark for biting her leg because he didn't really mean to do it. lucy magnum was baggy boarding with her mom in north carolina when the shark bit her leg from behind medics rushed her to the hospital doctored found a severed artery and torn tendon she should be up and around in 6 or 8 weeks. >> trial of warren jeffs off to a shaky start more than 100 hem members -- members of a texas jury pool says they cannot presume him innocent jeff's church compound was raided in 2008 and removed more than 400 children. news outlets across the
9:25 am
world want to hear their side of the story but that might not come cheap the latest offer to casey anthony's parents allegedly laughed off. >> you better get out and enjoy the day, heat and humidity coming back. tucker is up next with when and how much we are talking about don't go any where we will be right back take the finish challenge.
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we've talked about this website before, ashley the celeb site for folks who want to have an affair. these two people are married that is the premise they set up like a meet with others who want to have affairs too. i am married he is married want to get together go through ashley >> not us we are just saying that is how it works. >> the controversial site is providing a money back
9:29 am
guarantee, the site's founder says he will personally reimburse, people who cannot find a fling. the website brought international condemnation since its launch in 2001 with family group >> i believe he is trying to stay relevant by trying to do that >> i don't know what he is trying to do. >> i think we are getting attention here not me personally but i know some friends who are up for that challenge i don't think they could find anybody on the planet interested in them we could get some money out of this. >> okay well, times are hard. >> there you go. >> terrible the whole thing. >> love the one you are with. >> that is their mantra isn't it? >> the unyou are with. >> like -- the one you are with. >> like right now. >> married to. >> i will do the weather forecast. there is nowhere to go in this conversation that will be good.
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temperatures we are doing just fine 82 degrees regan national, not too hot not too cold kind of just right temperatures overnight, if you are out in the city they fell back in the 60s. north and west of town here in the city, held out for 70s. leonard town 79, and coolest temperatures were in the mountains where we hit the 60s like frederick, 82 degrees currently. nice one today like yesterday, lots of sunshine low humidity, plenty of blue sky i am not sure you want to venture out a whole lot over the next couple days we will have heat building once again. satellite radar, very quiet conditions look at the sunshine i mentioned a few minutes ago all the clear skies, boston, new york down to philadelphia and washington out west, ohio, cleveland things look great. high pressure will keep us nice and dry here for the remainder of the day tonight fine, next chance of rain doesn't get in here until saturday next couple
9:31 am
days, nice and quiet with a warming trend tomorrow. hey, let's gown to the tropics this is not -- down to the tropics this is not yet a tropical depression if it does become a tropical storm our fourth of the season, tropical storm dawn east of cancun mexico we will watch it, the impact here in washington area, i don't think it will but we will have to watch it here over the next couple days could be a tropical system in the gulf. >> our forecast not a bad one, sunshine low humidity, high 91 degrees winds out of the north, 5 to 10 miles per hour later tonight, we will do it all over gain clear skies, mild temperatures 74 your overnight low, winds out of the west, 5 miles per hour. you know not terribly comfortable any city, 60s outside the belt way, there is your five day forecast again, here comes the heat lots of heat and humidity mid-90s you
9:32 am
will notice the humidity on the increase, near 100 for the day friday that will be the worst of it more heat advisories as the heat index pushes 110. saturday and sunday, steamy, hot, humid highs mid-90s enjoy today. >> have we done 110? >> well, we did 102, 105. >>ry duck louse. okay. >> -- ridiculous. >> here is something that is great. >> friends and family say goodbye to a musical talent gone too soon. >> people are pushing to get their first interview with who alison? >> casey anthony's family maybe? >> yes apparently they laughed off one offer that was pretty good tmz, dax holt joining us with more good morning. >> good morning. >> who will get this interview what is the negotiation process like? >> well, we thought the first interview would go for $250,000
9:33 am
that is what it was sounding like apparently that is not enough money for casey an tony or the family, -- anthony or the family their lawyer has been doing some dealing trying to get all these networks to bid on the first interview the price is up to $1.5 million for obviously not necessarily the interview but photovideos and then the interview would be a plus that is how it works out but i just can't believe it is this high i know that it will be ratings gold for whoever gets it, sounds like abc is out they are saying they are no longer going to pay for photos or video that is relate to an interview, i don't think they will be the ones getting it but nbc might be in the head running they got the hotel room for the lawyer, so that is last i heard they were ahead of everyone else i just don't know at this point. >> i guess it is a lot of wait and see. >> that is a lot of money. >> crazy amount of money >> right. >> really okay. tell us about amy winehouse sad
9:34 am
funeral who, where, when? >> yeah, you know, it was yesterday over in london, basically, it was a lot of close friends and family they wanted at this funeral i think a gazillion people would have shown they wanted it more intimate, mark ronson was there say man that ronson's brother he is a huge huge dj, slash producer he worked on most of amy winehouse's back in black album. he produced a lot of that he was there saying respects kelly osborne showed up, some quick shots of her and a lot of her family, mother, father, brother, all those people so you know, i thick it was a very emotional -- thing it was a very emotional day saying their final goodbye to her >> i forgot she and kelly osborne were really close it is sad to see this is where you see kelly osborne now with her friend, that is sad. let's get happier let's talk about a unique pageant i was
9:35 am
not able to enrol in. >> get out. >> yeah,. >> this i love this, so yesterday, got my hands on photos of miss alabama nursing home which apparently they go through the nursing homes in alabama, pick out their best contestants and send them to this huge pageant and crown them and the winner her name is thelma she is 100 years old, worked in the army been to all 50 states and they felt she was the best candidate to win this miss alabama nursing home she has a sash on give her the crown gets a plaque to take home pretty cute. >> wow, go miss thelma. >> she looks good. >> for 100 and some yes,. >> good to see you dax. >> you know you are going to enter in a couple years. >> i wonder if they have one for maryland. they should. >> you can catch dax and the whole tmz crew here on fox 5 after the news edge at 6 sarah to you she was gorgeous wasn't
9:36 am
she? >> mm-hmm. >> all right thanks. >> we continue to take your questions about your mortgage experts with maryland emergency assistance program here to answer your questions about mortgage and foreclosure issues the number to call is on your screen ... we will check in to see what kinds of questions volunteers are getting coming up in a bit. >> first another look at today's trivia question the british union jack can be found in the flag of which u.s. state connecticut, hawaii, massachusetts, delaware. coming up in a bit we will be right back
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with resolve high traffic foam, your carpets get truly clean. it removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone and neutralizes odors for clean and fresh carpets. resolve high traffic foam. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. good morning welcome back you know we have been taking
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folks calls also e-mails all morning long for those of you out there who have trouble making ends meet looking for assistance for mortgages we have been here all morning long since 6:00 a.m. this morning and bill with the maryland department of housing you have been down here with web chat fielding questions from folks what are you hearing from people out there. what are their scenarioquestions. >> most people have been asking what are the qualifications to apply, in other words how late do they have to be telling us about their unemployment situation general questions on if they qualify for it. >> so, these people out there watching right now , what are the qualifications. >> you need to be at least three months behind on your mortgage, suffered a 15% drop in income due to unemployment, under employment or some type of medical condition and received a notice from your lender you are in danger of foreclosure. if that is the case you may qualify, we will help pay
9:41 am
arrearages and make your payment going forward. >> you are referring to people in dc and virginia there is assistance out there, point them in the right direction but what are some scenarios you are hearing from people this morning? what kind of real life experience? >> people are calling to ill us they have become unemployed, falling behind on their mortgage. people calling saying my mom suffered a medical event, can't make the mortgage payment all kinds of scenarios. >> already other events, august 8th and 27th. >> montgomery county and prince george, there will be clinics come in bring your documents we will have counsellors, staff people, take applications answer questions you have. >> this is going on through 10:00 a.m. wrapping up here in just about 20 minutes or so numbers are on your screen there ...
9:42 am
that number you can call after the event is over the assistance will still be there for folks and they are here on the web chat until 10:00 a.m. this morning. alison back to you. >> thank you. well, there is a new very blue movie hitting the big screen this weekend. >> stop saying smurf for everything. >> smurf, smurf. >> there is no call for that kind of language lad di >> how cute. you are not seeing things smurfs coming to the big screen we are talking with neil patrick harris and jama mays up next. >> holly has you covered up next with do it herself tips keep it right here we are back after the break. 9:42 a.m. 
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>> do-it-yourselfers, weekend home renovators, holly morris is at the home depot >> they host different workshops to teach you to do home inprovement projects. >> you will like this if you do want to do a home improvement project and not quite sure home depot is a great resource they have clinics, about four or five times a week for everybody first sad of every month special workshops for kids but every quarter they have what is called do it herself workshops, these are workshops designed just for women that brought us up to the hyattville store. doug will be our new best friend because our project is installing a closet system. >> especially to better organize your closet s change of the seasons, try and get all your coats out all your winter clothing out and everything,.
9:47 am
>> your wife has taught you well, change of seasons,. >> organize in the closet, extremely crucial this time of the year this system that we will be doing basically you have a hanging bar from the top we make sure this was properly level and attached to the wall a lot of people are reluctant to attach to the wall because how it anchors to the wall but we have anchor systems makes it simpler will. to put them on where you don't have to be drilling a hole and putting in a pesky little insert now put this in here and you have a place where the screw is going in and attach itself to the wall and make it sturdy. >> do you have to make sure you find the studs? >> when you use something like this, no, you do not but in the case you want to find the studs you want to make sure you get a stud finder, be able to find them tells you. >> look. >> to put it right on. >> keep coming to you doug.
9:48 am
>> once we get our standards up these come in different lengths if you want to do a short system or long system all together, what we are going to do essentially is put our brackets up,. >> okay. >> if you would,. >> we will go to the hole right below this screw,. >> mm-hmm. >> oh, and they just lock in like that. >> good. >> then you have measured this already what we are going to do is insert it, like so. >> make sure it is behind the little thing pull it forward locks it in place. >> you can create a different height, totes, heavy coats, things like that. now this is a multipurpose shelf where you can stack stuff on the top but say you want to hang your coat.
9:49 am
put it through like so. >> on the inside like this. >> mm-hmm. >> right. >> then you snap the back >> snap it in place. >> okay. >> snaps in place. >> yours didn't snap all the way, let me get it for you i can do it. >> thank you. >> now you can put a rod in place so you can hang items. >> that is easy. >> you can adjust the height so you are not locked into that one shelf you always find in your closet from the very top then you have a lot of dead space at the bottom the system itself is very -- has a lot of different shelves you can put a shelf for your shoes at the bottom. >> shoes i need something roughly the size of the pintail for my shoes. there is a lot of options, the thing that is fun about these do it herself workshops you might be thinking how did they come up with the closet idea you come up with the ideas
9:50 am
because women ask what you want to do. >> basically they will come up and say we want to talk about closets, we want to talk about shower remodels things like that so we listen to what they want us to do and base our workshops out of that. >> let me get this straight you are men, listening to what we are saying, teaching us with patience how to do it. >> yes. >> and workshops are free >> yes, they are. >> this is great i have learned a lot you can learn a lot to we have a link to home depot look at one in your area see what workshops they have coming up it will empower you and your house will look better too. >> which home depot is he at? i am on my way after the show. >> there will be a rush here. everyone coming looking for doug. >> thanks holly. >> thank you. >> you know what they are part
9:51 am
of a must watch tv saturday mornings now the smurfs are coming to the big screen. alison talks to the movies stars. >> the new movie smurfs is a mix of live action and animation, and our guests appear on camera, as a couple expecting a bay bay who must deal -- baby who must deal with the smurfs who have runaway from their magical kingdom and land snack dab in manhattan. to talk to us the stars of the smurfs, neil patrick hair harris good morn -- harris good morning. >> good morning. >> i am a smurf person i was older but enjoyed it tell us more about the movie. >> yeah, it is -- it seemed an appropriate time we grew up watching the cartoon in the 80s as did most people back then it was must see television saturday mornings now i think,
9:52 am
the cg technology advanced enough you can present them in a movie that is realistic, yeah, hopefully young kids will like it and suddenly there will be smurf stuff everywhere again. >> it will all be smurfy again. >> let me ask about working with basically no one there what is the challenge of doing that. and they are tiny little little creatures what is that like? >> three apple pie, according to legend. it was a very technical process you are working with essentially nothing there you practice first with a little gelatinous smurf puppet they take that away eventually you are working with stickers as an actor you are normally working the creative side of your brain to marry that with the technical side can be tricky it is fun a challenge i had never had before >> how does it work a lot of big names in the cast, a whole
9:53 am
-- a star studded cast and yet they are the animated side so did you get to work with them in real life? >> the only person we worked with was hank aj zari -- azaria he was in full costume but the voice actors were separate. we had two voice over actors in another room we would act to nutting and hear the smurf lines in our ears. >> you both have done -- we love you for your comedic roles and we love you on glee but what was it like working for little kids is it much different when you deliver lines you have to remember the audience was much younger. >> we wanted to make sure our
9:54 am
stuff together was really fun and we wanted to make sure we had a great relationship that was modern and also had a lot of banter and that appealed to adults because i feel like the kids portion of the story was taken care of with the animation and gargamel but i feel like we wanted to make sure the kids that grew up with smurfs like we did wanted to see it too. >> we wanted to be irreverent and adult the kids will see it because the smurfs are cute looking but we didn't want it to be just a kids movie. >> let me ask you neil a personal question here now that you are a dad, how cool is it that you are in a kids movie you know and you are like a big hero you will. >> my children are barely 9 months old so they don't speak the human language yet. >> you know this movie will be around, kids watch movies over and over when they are 5 and 6 you will be the best thing
9:55 am
ever. >> that would be amazing if the first smurfs is successful maybe there will be a couple more after that. i like do as much for younger kids as i can i have been on sesame street and do voices, read books on tape, beverly cleary i enjoy putting out as much content as i am able. >> thank you both for joining us we can't wait to see the smurfs. >> thank you. >> thanks alison. >> oh, he said my name. >> he did. >> and ph he is cool. >> the answer to today's trivia question coming up next my name is ashley.
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i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that brilliant shine. when i took the finish challenge, i could tell there was a difference. my dishes had a shine on them. i'm moving on to finish quantum. take the finish challenge for yourself. if you don't see a difference, it's free. the british union jack can be found in the flag of which u.s. state? hawaii. the king of hawaii once asked a
9:59 am
british mariner what his flag stood for the british mariner said king's authority they used part of the design to show their own authority. >> all right before we go we want to say thanks to those at emergency mortgage assistance program mr. skinner we want to thank you for coming in let people know we have had 400 calls i guess we have been able to help people today still a lot of people need help. >> thank you for hosting us this morning the number is 1- 877-462-7555 that number is ail vailable until 8:00 p.m. this evening. >> thanks for coming out. a lot of folks have been helped by your assistance today. all right tucker. >> quick look at the 5 day forecast, 91 today low humidity plenty of sunshine nice one today, be ready for thursday and friday, right back into the heat high temperatures by


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